Tom Farnworth


Like Edd I also left home when I was 18 for a life at sea. I started out working on everything from superyachts to ski boats between the med and n before gaining my RYA Instructor qualifications. I then found myself in Gosport as the chief instructor for a sea school there, and as luck would have it a young 18-year-old inquired about learning to sail. 13 years later that 18 year old set up Ardent Training. It’s funny how things come full circle. While I am no longer at sea full time I also volunteer at my local Sea Cadet unit helping young people with their nautical ambitions. Out of all the places I have sailed fortunately for me, the waters around the UK have always given me the most pleasure. I am looking forward to helping you achieve your nautical ambitions with Ardent Training

Career Highlights

Making landfall on St Kilda has to be one of my highlights. The conditions were just right we were in the right place to make the trip the crew of Sea Cadets were up for the challenge. All the cards were in our favour and St Kilda didn't disappoint. It is one of the most stunning places you can ever get to and it is only 60NM out to sea.

Whilst I was Chief instructor for the MSSC Offshore I was given the task of replacing the two ageing Tradewind 35 yachts. I selected and visited various European boatyards and worked with shipwrights to design a new layout until I came across the Rustler Yard in Falmouth. We settled on 2 Rusler 42 cutter rigged yachts which I am very proud of. They are currently taking Sea Cadets on offshore voyages as we speak and will continue to do so for years to come.

Team Manager, Kirsten Neuschäfer, Golden Globe Race

Own Boat


Unfortunately, I am between yachts at the moment, my last yacht was a 45’ teak Twin engine Motor yacht ‘Virgo’ which was my not only my hobby but also my home.

T.S Royalist & T.S Royalist

Favourite Place to Sail

They are both a wicked and beautiful destination. Massive tidal ranges mixed with countless wrecks, rocks, and reefs make navigation very challenging yet very rewarding. There are weeks of cruising exploring all the nooks and crannies to be had. Dropping anchor to take in the wildlife and scenery is a never-ending joy. Once ashore the towns and villages are just as enjoyable with a fascinating history and superb architecture.

Favourite Place to Sail

Most Memorable Moment at Sea

While teaching a Coastal Skipper course out in the Canaries we were on a passage from Tenerife to Lanzarote. At about the midpoint of the voyage a pod of sperm whales came within 100 m of the yacht. I have seen many cetaceans but this moment was the finest and one that has stuck in my memory more than any.

Most Memorable Moment at Sea