When we look out from the cockpit and see other vessels on the water we dont see rivals, we see fellow sailors. All the users of the ocean look out for each other and assist each other where they can. At Ardent, we want to bring this philosophy to the business world. We have been working hard to network and make connections with our fellow businesses in the industry. This page lists just a few of the strongest connections we have made.

If you own a business or charity and would like to work with us, or see how we can support each other, please don't hesitate to get in touch! (link to contact us page)

Charities We Support


As part of the 2% for the planet scheme, we donate 2% of our profits to the Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust (HWDT).

HWDT has been leading the way for the conservation of whales, dolphins and porpoises in the waters of western Scotland for over two decades. Their conservation efforts are evidence-based and data-driven and their team of scientists inform the Scottish Government on the protection measures required.

HWDT also has a strong community engagement focus, reaching out via education programmes and enabling the local community to take stewardship of their rich seas.

We have worked with these guys in the past and we know that every penny goes a long way. Their team is dedicated and work incredibly hard, it was an easy decision to put our 2% for the planet in their hands.

Find out more about HWDT

Jubilee Sailing Trust

The Jubilee Sailing Trust, a charity that changes lives through adventure and exploration onboard our tall ship, Tenacious. Voyages are for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities, giving everyone the opportunity to explore their potential through inclusive adventures at sea. Tenacious, is the only sea-going tall ship in the world designed, built and sailed by a mixed-ability crew.

Voyages build confidence and resilience in those who sail with us. They bring people together in diverse teams where differences disappear. Voyage Crew tell us their perceptions change and they are able to achieve things they previously did not think possible.

I am paralysed from the chest down and, since coming out of the hospital a year ago, I had rarely left my adapted apartment. But there I was, on a tall ship with 40 people whom I'd never met before.

I hoisted myself out of my wheelchair and up the main mast to the lookout point. When I got to the top I heard the whole ship cheer. When I sat there taking in the breathtaking view everything suddenly seemed to click. Gone was the negativity and the constant "I can't don't this" rattling around my head. I then spent the rest of the voyage getting involved in all aspects of sailing the ship, opened up a lot more, and met some great people.

The best thing is that I have carried on the "I can do this" attitude since coming home, which had greatly improved my quality of life” Ben, sailed with JST

Find out more about JST

Silvery Light

Silvery Light Sailing is Northern Ireland's sole Maritime Heritage Community Boatworks and Sail Training Charity

We seek Expressions of Interest from Youth, Community, Cultural and Special Interest Groups, Schools, Individuals and Organisations who would like to take part in a locally themed maritime heritage sailing project in Summer 2022

​ The Project will work with six differing selected groups of 12 participants delivering a bespoke programme of activities featuring local maritime heritage The highlight of the project involves the group crewing onboard a Tall Ship for a five-day adventurous residential sailing voyage visiting Irish Sea Ports.

Find out more about Silvery Light

Businesses We Work With


Boatshed is one of the world's largest yacht brokerage groups that prides itself on giving potential buyers the most complete and accurate picture of the boat that they want to buy.

Boatshed Brokers personally visit every boat that they list, taking unlimited photographs and videos which are available online to registered users anywhere in the world.

Whether you are buying or selling, Boatshed provides an unparalleled service creating happy boat owners and we are delighted to consider them a friend.

Find out more about Boatshed

Halcyon Yachts

Halcyon Yachts offer a dedicated international yacht delivery service. With the highest standards in the industry, the safety of vessels and crew is always paramount. Their shore team have years of experience and are happy to talk through your plans and offer advice.

Find out more about Halcyon Yachts

Aquator Marine

Aquator Marine develops Yacht Management software with a fully configurable, collaborative and digitally secure web and mobile application.

It's the perfect way to manage your yacht and ensure everything onboard is in date and well maintained. We love this idea and have keenly been testing Aquator Marines service during it's early stages, helping them create a useful tool for all skippers and boat owners.

Find out more about Aquator Marine

Topsail Insurance

Topsail are specialists in marine insurance, dedicated to providing quality policies that meet a wide range of sailing, boating and travel insurance needs.

We have been topsail customers for a long time, and now we are proud to be linked with them in business too.

Find out more about Topsail Boat Insurance
Find out more about Topsail Crew/Travel Insurance

Darthaven Marina

One of the most popular harbours on the south coast of the UK and home to many exciting festivals, events and regattas. We are proud to be working with Darthaven Marina providing training opportunities for the local yachtsmen.

Find out more about Darthaven Marina

Yacht Clubs and Associations We Support

Royal Yachting Association

The Royal Yachting Association (RYA) is a United Kingdom national body for dinghy sailing, yacht and motor cruising, sail racing, RIBs and Sportsboats, windsurfing and personal watercraft and a leading representative for inland waterways cruising. It is the national governing body for Olympic sailing in the UK.

We are proud to be a member of the RYA and one of their recognised training centres, working within their qualification schemes to provide world-leading yacht training.

Find out more about the RYA here

Sailing & Cruising Association

The Sailing & Cruising Association is a dynamic sailing and powerboat club for LGBT+ people, their families and friends. Active since 1980, the Club is open to anyone who wants to get afloat with like-minded people.

As the Sailing & Cruising Association is a virtual sailing club, a partnership with Ardent Training made perfect sense and we are proud to provide training services to the club.

Find out more about the Sailing & Cruising Association

North Devon Yacht Club

North Devon Yacht Club is an active and friendly yacht club providing a welcoming environment for new and experienced sailors alike. Providing training for the members of clubs like North Devon Yacht Club is a privilege and a sign of our course quality, and our commitment to being an asset to the sailing industry as a whole.

Find out more about North Devon Yacht Club

Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club

Being selected to provide training for a club such as the Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club (founded in 1877) is a compliment, and we are excited to help its members develop their sailing and navigation skills.

Find out more about Royal Plymouth Corinthian Yacht Club

Kirkudbright Sailing Club

Kirkcudbright Sailing Club is a small, friendly club, situated on the River Dee west of Kirkcudbright Harbour and beside the Marina. Ardent Training is always looking for ways to support the wider yachting industry and working with clubs like Kirkudbright is a good way for us to engage with the sailing community.

Find out more about Kirkudbright Sailing Club

Sailing and Cruising

Sailing and Cruising is a rapidly growing open forum about sailing and cruising in all its various formats.

It is a great space for current and future sailors to connect, share, and grow their interest in yachting. Ardent Training provides sponsorship to the group, we are proud to support such environments.

Find out more about Sailing & Cruising

Sea Schools and Charter Businesses We Work With

Alba Sailing

Alba Sailing is a bareboat and skippered yacht charter company on the West Coast of Scotland. We regularly see their vessels in some of our favourite ports and anchorages and they always look great. The perfect charter company to go to for a sailing holiday in the Hebrides.

Whilst Alba Sailing no longer provides RYA training themselves, we are proud to say that they have decided to send potential students our way instead. Another great business we are proud to call our friend.

Find out more about Alba Sailing

Oban Sea School

Oban Sea School offers yacht cruises, RYA training courses, and sailing holidays on the west coast of Scotland. They have been operating for 30 years and have some of the most experienced skippers on the west coast. If you want to get on the water and take your practical sailing courses in the beautiful Hebrides, this is the place to go.

Before going for your practical though, you will need to complete the theory course and that's where we work so well with Oban Sea School.

Find out more about Oban Sea School

Glencoe Outdoor Centre

Glencoe Outdoor Centre offers a wide range of courses from RYA training to mountain biking. They also work with schools and as a registered charity they raise funds to offer bursaries to those for whom the cost of participation is out of reach and to assist with the Scottish Attainment Challenge.

We are delighted to be able to assist Glencoe Outdoor Centre with its training goals.

Find out more about Glencoe Outdoor Centre

Sail & Power Boat Training

Sail & Power Boat Training are an established training company offering a range of RYA and Maritime training courses for leisure and commercial users in the UK and Europe. They operate two training centres, one in Lowestoft at the Royal Norfolk & Suffolk Yacht Club and the second at Fox’s Marina in Ipswich.

We provide online theory courses for Sail & Power Boat Training and we are proud that such a well established and respected training centre chose to work with us.

Find out more about Sail and Power Boat Training

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