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How does the exam work?

You can take the exam at home, online, in a format you'll be familiar with from the course material. We'll provide you with live support and feedback (if you take it within our standard working hours.) Only a very tiny fraction of our students need to have their exams invigilated by a face-to-face instructor and this is only for very specific jobs at sea. Get in touch with us if you think you'll need an invigilator, we'll be happy to advise you further and even help you organise one if required.

What if I fail the exam?

Most of our students do pass the exam first time around, but if you don't, no sweat! We'll help you get back on track and you'll never be charged for retakes or extra support.

What's the schedule? How do I know when the next lesson starts?

The wonderful thing about our online courses are that you can study them at your own pace and convenience. There's no set times for zoom meetings, no disruptions and you'll never miss a lesson. Each lesson ends with a knowledge check and each module with a module assessment, so you can see how you are progressing and you can get in touch with an instructor whenever you have a question.

I can see you're based in the UK, can I study from abroad?

Yes! We ship our student packs worldwide and the beauty of studying your RYA course online is that it doesn't matter if you live far away from a RYA training centre.

Why choose Ardent Training when I've seen other similar courses?

We have designed our courses to make the most of modern technology. You can view our courses on your web browser or take them on the go with our dedicated app. Our friendly and highly qualified instructors will answer your questions quickly and you can even view their profile's before you sign up. There's no need to study alone with Ardent Training - with our online forums and comments features you can introduce yourself and communicate with other students. Not only all this, but all lessons come with video tutorials. Our goal is to bring together the convenience of study online without missing the benefits of the more social classroom.

I commute a lot. Can I learn on the bus/train?

Yes. To an extent. The entire course is both available online and downloadable via the app meaning you can study anywhere, anytime. However there are a few modules which focus heavily on chartwork and will require you to get out charts and other navigation instruments. This wouldn't work on your commute so at least those modules will have to be completed where you have access to a desk.

Do I need to download anything?

No. You can access and complete the entire course online through your web browser. If you do intend to use a mobile device you have the option of using our app but this is not necessary.

What are the system requirements for my computer?

All our course requires is an up to date web browser which is the most basic feature of any computer or mobile device. If you want to utilize the videos (not compulsory) your device will need to be able to play sound.

Can I study at sea?

Absolutely. Our course is built by sailors for sailors and so we know that sometimes sea-faring folk don't always have good internet access. Therefore, all of our lessons can be downloaded for viewing offline using our app.

What is the pass rate? Am I guaranteed to get my certificate?

To date we have a 100% pass rate.

We have worked hard to provide all the information and exercises needed in an engaging way to help you learn and we have world class experienced instructors on hand 7 days a week to get you there. We will continue to teach you until we are confident you will pass the final exam and even if you dont manage it first time round, we will work on a revision plan for you and prepare a resit.
If you are willing to do your part I am confident we will get you your certificate.

Books and charts are supplied with the course. Do I need a desk to use these?

You will need a large, clean, flat space to complete the chartwork accurately. 60x70cm of table space is the minimum you will need to comfortably complete the chartwork. It is possible to work with slightly less but not advisable.
Modules which dont use the charts wont need a desk at all but it is still recommended you have a tidy, peaceful study area without distractions.

How quickly do you answer queries

Our help centre is manned from 0800 until 2000 UK time. Within these hours we aim to answer all queries within half an hour and most are answered much faster than this! You can phone us, video call us or just use our chat window. We pride ourselves on employing the most experienced instructors and we are here to help!

Can I video call you?

Of course! We are always happy to video call. Just get in touch and we will arrange it for you.

What happens if I don't finish my course in 12 months?

12 months is 2-3 times the average time taken to complete our courses. However, we understand that life can throw you curveballs and you could be slowed due to other circumstances.
When your access nears expiry we will contact you and find out if you need an extension. Sadly there are 'behind the scenes' costs we must cover so a course extension is available for £30 per person and this will buy you an additional 6 months access.
An alternative option is to pause your access. If life takes you somewhere were you won't be able to focus on the course, get in touch with us and we can put your course on hold. Whilst on hold you will not be able to access your course but your remaining time will also be on hold.
You can resume your course at any time by simply giving us a call.

Can I use my iPad/tablet/phone to complete the course?

Yes. Ardent Training has invested heavily in making its courses available on all devices. Currently we are the only distance learning provider of RYA courses to offer its own standalone app for both iOS and Android.

Will I get my practical certificate for completing this course?

No. We only offer shorebased theory courses at Ardent Training. This is the same course as you would otherwise have to complete in a classroom, except with us you can complete it from anywhere you like.
It is not possible to complete the practical element of RYA courses via distance learning. After getting your theory certificate from us you can take this to a practical training centre and book the practical week to complete your full qualification.

Can I use RYA certificates to work at sea?

Yes. The RYA's certificates can be used for commercial purposes although for some jobs you may need to get your certificates commercially endorsed. If you are going on to work in the large yacht commercial industry, and you intend to use this certificate to progress to MCA qualifications, you may also need to have your Yachtmaster theory exam professionally invigilated. If you think this may apply to you, please get in touch with us or the RYA for further details.

What if I want to revise the course material after I've completed the exam?

It is likely that you'll want to revisit some of our material before you take your Practical course or exam. Once you have completed your theory course with us, you will still have 2 years complementary access to the system.

How do I know I can trust you with my card details?

We never have access to, or store your card details. All payments are completed using an encrypted payment service.