Edd Hewett

Co-Founder - Principal

I left home for a life at sea on my 18th birthday. Within 3 years I had visited all 7 continents and landed two dream jobs, one on a cetacean research vessel and the other aboard a world famous antarctic expedition vessel. A decade (and many exciting adventures) later I decided it was about time to give something back. Not satisfied with the standards of training at existing businesses I went about setting up Ardent Training with Charly and Charlie. I now live on my own sailing boat ‘Mipha’ which I bought with my partner Charly and we spend half our time exploring remote islands and the other half teaching boating online through Ardent Training.

Career Highlights

Pelagic Expeditions - Pelagic Australis

Working as Skipper on Skip Novak's Pelagic Australis running trips to Antarctica and South Georgia. This is a prestigious position to be given in the yachting world. Taking on the most challenging waters and conditions that could possibly be thrown at a vessel and its crew was exhilarating.

HWDT - Silurian

Joining a small charity on a remote island in the Hebrides to not only Skipper their 16m Ketch but also recruit crew, manage budgets, plan and undertake refits etc... was a big ask for a 24 year old but I welcomed the challenge and loved making a difference for a good cause. I'm still proud of the lasting impact I had on the charity, the vessel and the marine conservation work the charity undertakes.

Own Boat

SY Mipha

When I started sailing I quickly noticed the time and money needed to maintain a yacht and wondered if I would ever be in a position to have my own. Well, after returning from the Southern Ocean we bought Mipha. A Van De Stadt 42 Tyrant. Although very sad to let her go, the previous owner was pleased to see her sold to experienced hands. She's a classic beauty, and was the boat of choice for Sir Francis Chichester after his round the world sail.

Favourite Place to Sail


The weather can be awful and the sailing is challenging but that just keeps the crowds away. What's left is an unspoilt cruising paradise with countless incredible anchorages, an abundance of wildlife and the feeling like you have the whole West Coast of Scotland to yourselves. In reality though you can sleep easy knowing the coastguard is within reach, hospitals are sophisticated and clean and spare parts are easy to get hold of. I truly believe the Hebrides is the best of both worlds and it is definitely my favourite place to sail to date.

Most Memorable Moment at Sea

Bio-luminescent Fin Whale

A lot of my favourite memories at sea are not my most exciting. One thing I always remember particularly fondly is solo night watches on ocean crossings. I can't quite put my finger on what I like about them so much but being in the middle of an ocean on your own, shooting stars flying over head, I love it. One night watch in particular stands out though and had me buzzing for days. It was a particularly dark night in the South Atlantic, about 0300 and so black I couldn't see the sea. We were sailing along, engine off, nice and peaceful when all of a sudden an explosion of colour erupted next to the boat. A whale had surfaced right next to the boat in a cloud of strong bio-luminescent plankton (essentially glow in the dark water) and shot bright green sparkling water into the night sky like a fountain outside Dubai mall. It was over in seconds but will stay with me forever.