Charlie Triggs

Content Creator - Instructor

Charlie started sailing on England’s south east coast, fitting in a couple of trips a year whilst studying. Realising quite quickly the rat race wasn’t for him, he got his Day Skipper qualification and began building experience with yacht deliveries around Europe. His sailing journey has since taken him through the Atlantic, Pacific and Southern Oceans, on a range of research and high latitude expeditions vessels. Charlie has boundless enthusiasm for picking up a sextant and navigating whilst at sea, and is eager to share this knowledge and enthusiasm with the students of Ardent Training.

Spirit Animal

Common Dolphin

They love playing with boats and have lots of energy and enthusiasm!

Most Rewarding Destination

South Georgia

I'm still amazed I've had the chance to go here, the 700nm of Southern Ocean are definitely worth it. There is no wilderness really like it, jagged rocks sticking threateningly out of the sea. Seals, Whales, Penguins, Albatross literally everywhere you look. Sailing here is definitly no walk in the park, but the rewards are immense!

Sailing Ambitions

I am an avid admireer of Bill Tillman, after reading of his adventures in Mischief. Everything he accomplished in a Bristol Pilot Cutter insipres me to have some classic boat adventures of my own! I have been incredibly lucky to sail to the Southern latitudes but the Northern ones look just as exciting too!

Most Memorable Moment at Sea

Sailing 150nm off the Portuguese coast south bound with the trades. A Hobby joined us for an evening, although a land bird it seemed quite happy in this environment! It caught two birds for dinner and we sat side by side on the night watch. A full moon shone, the cruising shoot pulling us along, and the wind vane held our course. Magic.

When I'm not sailing

When I'm not at sea or engaged in sailing based activites, I tend to head to the mountains. Climbing, running, exploring, just being out and about and enjoying nature is greatly satisfying. Scotland is my favourite playground and is a special place for its natural beauty and remotness. When my knees give in I'll have more time to practise the guitar and will be sitting down long enough to read more, something I love to do on a long ocean passage, but dont always make the time for when I reach land!